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0-TrailerOur dreams are often packaged in more anxiety than we would bargain for. With every passing moment, it can feel like the pressure is higher, the opportunities are fewer and the window is smaller.

But that’s actually good news. Because anything that makes us anxious is where the real work lies. That’s the beauty of tension. It possesses its own generative drive, which gives rise to an impetus to move toward a resolution. It’s the major dynamic that moves our dreams forward.

And so, we stack the cards in our favor by establishing and holding structural tension.

When I go into the recording studio, for example, tension runs especially high. Because unlike busking for strangers in the street, where I’m free to create a series of never before, never again experiences, when I’m standing in a room the size of a closet with nothing but a guitar and a microphone, there’s nowhere to hide. Every note, stomp, breath, phrase and emotion is recorded, with zero ambient environment to protect me. Not to mention, I’m paying by the hour.

Meaning, when the tape starts rolling, I feel deeply vulnerable and exposed and pressured and stretched.

But that’s the point. The tension invites the human spirit will reveal itself more definitely. And you can literally hear it in my voice. Proving, that when you put more tension on the table, people take notice.

Download the soundtrack for Eyes Full Of Dreams here.